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14 March 2012 @ 11:55 am
just came back from batam like 1 day ago~
it was really fun. i mean th time spent with th kids were really damn fun.
not th hotel n friends part. perhaps, th team building part is also fun ~
other than that, NO.
food wise, only hotel(breakfast n dinner) was not bad....
we had mac(chicken burger diff from sg & chicken rice, super a lot of chicken) fr 1 of our meal during to visit to th orphanages.
but th last meal we had in batam was totally sucks to th max !
went to seafood restaurant(not really like those eat on top of th sea one...)
all dishes come served were seafood.. thn th veggie is spicy ZZZ kangkong yeahhhh~
i only ate th prawn n fish n soup. how cool is that x.x
4get it.. lucky i bought snack :D
overall, i must say that....... gng overseas w friends you're not close with or you don't really know them well is NOT a good thing. cos i didn't enjoy this trip 100% becos of this reason ~ :'(
another thing is.. i found out that only when i go alone.. thn i will really make new friends. if not, i will also clique w my own clique and won't make friends :/

something to takeaway:
always be appreciative of what you have.

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26 February 2012 @ 05:47 pm
haha. didn't know that i actually blogg-ed last month :p
as usual, i was wondering what's my username .___.
finally managed to googl-ed. :D
ohwell. all projects down, all exams down~
just hoping i will pass n of course get good grades yeah (:
yep.. actually.. i'm quite scared fr ALL papers. :(
damn worried fr PAM n TXP papers.
results out on 16th mar, 8am ~
lyka fast be4 we even start our papers.. we alr know when th results will be out.
NP is really efficient !
this month is february ~ 
cannot say got a lot of bday babies but i still wna say ~
yesss, 4 friends bday this month ~
benlai is more than 4.. cos we're not close anyway.
so, close friends = got 4 who shares th same month of birthday (':
ohyea. still got 4 + 1... 1 is my COUSIN ! <3
so, A LOT right ? admit prease. cos i'm not rich :(
like who is right now right..
holidays here.. every1 is gng to partyin'~ ikr. ikr.
still owe-ing them their pressies.
cos examinations just ended not long ago :/
must really save(?) money..
many things listed on my wishlists fr this hols(6-7weeks).
ohyeah, still got my batam trip.. a lot of $$$ will be used up :(
actually.. i'm planning to tell my mum bout th braces thing.. but, i'm gng fr th batam trip..
so, i was thinking.. after batam trip thn go dental ~
hope won't so early put.. if not... NINTH APRIL HEHE XD
yaaar, so.. have been thinking a lot this time..
totally don't have th hols mood :(
obviously, money is th first n main issue not only for me.. but for most of us.
still don't have job :(
okaaayzzzz~ saying bout this.
a bit disappointed w ______. not planning to mention name here.
i know you have work..you can earn money n spend.. but, i'm not working right now..
i need to 省一点用嘛。
and, i know you're the type of person who treasure your friends a lot n you're 1 who is not stingy to spend money on your friend.
iknow, iknow. iknow you're this type of person.. but.. you really must think a lot.. sorry to say that.. :(
last year, i only bought her simple stuffs. i know this year every1 is eighteen, it needs to be special BUTTTTT. :/
there must be a limit to it :/
that day you're not gng out w her = no need spend money liao.
but I AM. I AM. i am gng out w her.................... ):
fxck my life. I NEED A JOB. I NEED A JOB. :/

    i want to have fun. i want to enjoy my life. my long awaited holidays !
    I WANT TO.
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